NT Major Projects Conference 2018

17-18 October 2018
Darwin Convention Centre
Darwin, NT, Australia


Conference Agenda | NT Major Projects Conference 2018

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» Day 1 - WED 17th October 2018

» Day 2 - THURS 18th October 2018

Day 1 - WED 17th October 2018
08:00 - 08:50


08:50 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:30

Speed Networking
This speed networking session will allow delegates to introduce themselves and swap business cards with those they are seated with and other conference attendees.

09:30 - 10:00

Ministerial Address

The Hon. Eva Lawler, Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, NT

The Hon. Eva Lawler
10:00 - 10:30

Turbocharging Tourism

  • Updates on the action plan, which the NT Government has invested $103 million into to ensure that the territory remains competitive on the domestic and global stages.
  • $56 million will go towards new tourism infrastructure – how will this help create a more memorable experience for visitors?
  • An overview of the key projects that will shape the plan.

The Hon. Lauren Moss, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Minister for Corporate and Information Services, NT

The Hon. Lauren Moss
10:30 - 10:50

Darwin’s Biggest Private Project: The Berrimah Farm Redevelopment

  • The 168-hectare development is expected to feature 2000 housing lots.
  • It will include 40 sites for medium-density development, parklands, community spaces, two primary schools, and 50,000 square metres of retail and commercial space.
  • Updates on Stage 1 of the project, which has recently begun.

Regan Anderson, General Manager - Developments, Halikos Group

Regan Anderson
10:50 - 11:20


11:20 - 11:40

Stimulating Growth Within Alice Springs

  • The Government is investing $90 million in order to draw more tourists to the town, and create more employment opportunities there – how can this continue to occur, through further developing infrastructure within the area?
  • $20 million will be invested in redeveloping Alice Spring's CBD – how will this major project serve to drive innovation within Alice Springs, while also maintaining its historic heritage?
  • Outlining the smaller details within the project, such as the addition of shade sails and increased public seating; and the role they will play in forming a CBD that will encourage social interaction.
11:40 - 12:00

The Solar Energy Transformation Program – Setting up Solar in the Territory

  • As part of The Solar Energy Transformation Program (SETuP), remote communities within the NT will soon be connected to solar power.
  • This presentation will provide updates on the project, including the Tranche Two component, which will see 10 MW of solar PV rolled out to 29 communities across the Territory.

Michael Thomson, Chief Executive, Power and Water Corporation

Michael Thomson
12:00 - 12:20

Defence Infrastructure Upgrades: Larrakeyah Barracks & HMAS Coonawarra

  • $500 million will go into developing infrastructure and upgrading existing facilities and services.
  • Upgrades will be of the electrical, fire-fighting, potable water, sewerage, stormwater and ICT variety.
  • There will be a range of refurbishments and new structures for NORFORCE, marine structures, multi-user facilities, a base entry precinct, accommodating buildings, mess facilities, a recovery centre/gym and car parks.

Kerryn Smith, CEO, Australian Industry and Defence Network

Kerryn Smith
12:20 - 13:20


13:20 - 13:40

Northern Australia Roads Program

  • This $600 million program will aim to deliver upgrades to high priority roads within the NT.
  • Roads such as the Plenty Highway, Tjukaruru Road, and Keep River Plains Roads will receive upgrades, flood immunity improvements, and sealing.
  • The construction of a new link between Tiger Brennan Drive and Darwin's CBD makes up Stage 3 of the Barneson Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive project.
  • Key updates on the program, and a snapshot of what’s to come in the near future.

Andrew Kirkman, CEO, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics – NT

Andrew Kirkman
13:40 - 14:00

Updates on Health Infrastructure

  • The Territory Government is investing $79.5 million for health infrastructure from 2018-2019.
  • Royal Darwin Hospital will receive $17.3 million for a number of upgrades, including a PET scanner and a multistorey car park.
  • The Nightcliff renal facility will also be expanded.

Professor Catherine Stoddart, CEO, Department of Health - NT

Professor Catherine Stoddart
14:00 - 14:20

Core’s Finniss Lithium Project – Growing the Mining Inventory

  • An overview of the project, which is aimed at substantially growing Core’s lithium resource for long-life lithium mining and production operations.
  • Analysing the project’s potential for development and employment.
  • Key project updates.

Stephen Biggins, Managing Director, Core Exploration Ltd

Stephen Biggins
14:20 - 14:40


14:40 - 15:00

Pursuing the NT’s Potential: Investing in Quality Tourism Infrastructure

  • How can infrastructure opportunities be capitalised upon in order to ensure that the NT’s status as a prime holiday destination is both maintained and heightened? 
  • Where is the Territory currently at in terms of infrastructure investment opportunities?

Gaurav Sareen, Partner, Deloitte

Gaurav Sareen
15:00 - 15:45

Panel Discussion: 

Rethinking the Future of the Territory

The NT is vital to the rest of Australia due to its resources, natural attractions, and position as a destination of choice for national and international tourists alike. Population growth has been low for a number of years, however. What kind of infrastructure do we need to be investing in, in order to bring more people to the Top End and to improve the living and working conditions of Territorians and NT businesses?

And with the NT Government wanting to attract more individuals, to the North, how could they be drawn to the Territory by the infrastructure sector? This panel discussion will discuss these challenges and opportunities in depth.

Brian O’Gallagher, Deputy CEO, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
Drew Wagner, Executive Director, Minerals Council of Australia – Northern Territory Division
Louise McCormick, General Manager, Transport & Civil Services, NT
Quentin Kilian, CEO, Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory (REINT)

Brian O’Gallagher Drew Wagner Louise McCormick Quentin Kilian
15:45 - 15:55


15:55 - 16:55


Day 2 - THURS 18th October 2018
08:30 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:40

Speed Networking
The speed networking session will allow delegates to introduce themselves and swap business cards with those they are seated with and other conference attendees.

09:40 - 10:00

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility: Enhancing the Territory’s Future

  • How the NAIF will accelerate infrastructure projects that will grow the Territory’s economy and increase employment opportunities.
  • Introducing Humpty Doo Barramundi: the first NT infrastructure project to receive funding from the NAIF, including construction of a new solar farm and fish nursery.
  • The project will increase its current workforce by 50%.

Tim Hallam, Executive Director, Origination, NAIF

10:00 - 10:20

Embodying the NT: The Darwin Westin Hotel

  • Case study: analysing the hotel design’s ability to reflect the cultural heritage of the Territory.
  • Designing for climate: understanding Darwin’s distinct climatic requirements, and how it can be best managed and protected by architecture.  
  • Exploring the hotel’s key design features.

Cian Davis, Studio Director, Bates Smart

Cian Davis
10:20 - 10:50

The Ammaroo Phosphate Project

  • Updates on the project, which could create 500 jobs during construction and operation.
  • On the path to approval: meeting key milestones including federal environmental approval.
  • Exploring the project’s ability to grow the fertiliser industry within Australia.

Chris Tziolis, Managing Director, Verdant Minerals

Chris Tziolis
10:50 - 11:20


11:20 - 11:40

Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes.

  • Exploring the ins and outs of the program, which will help to improve housing in remote communities over 10 years, promote economic development, and develop local skills.
  • Unpacking how this goal will be achieved with the aid of a $1.1 billion investment.
  • Focusing on the human element of infrastructure: how major projects can tackle the social needs of Indigenous communities.

Jamie Chalker, CEO, Department of Housing and Community Development

Jamie Chalker
11:40 - 12:00

Education Infrastructure Updates

  • The latest developments in Territory-wide education infrastructure.
  • $136 million will be invested in improving existing schools and developing training facility infrastructure.

Adam Walding, General Manager Planning and Infrastructure, Department of Education, NT

12:00 - 12:20

Building a Smart, Sustainable & Resilient Darwin

  • Exploring how green infrastructure throughout the city can help to manage Darwin’s climate.
  • How can sustainable infrastructure ease the potential burden of increased density?

Dr Chris Chilcott, Research Leader for Northern Australia, CSIRO

Dr Chris Chilcott
12:20 - 13:20


13:20 - 13:40

Boosting Trade and Freight Opportunities in the Territory: the Darwin Airport Freight Hub  

  • Set to include the construction of a cold storage facility and upgrades to accommodate large aircrafts and a training facility, the hub will allow local agribusinesses to take advantage of overseas demand for fresh Australian produce and seafood.
  • Exploring the benefits of the hub to the wider NT community, including the creation of nearly 200 jobs.
  • Key project updates.

Ross Baynes, Director, Property, Northern Territory Airports

Ross Baynes
13:40 - 14:00

Land Development Corporation: 2018 and Beyond

  • Updates on the corporation’s latest projects.
  • Exploring its commitment to planning for economic growth and development.

Tony Stubbin, CEO, Land Development Corporation

Tony Stubbin
14:00 - 14:20

Darwin and Cyclone Marcus: From Global context to Local Actions

  • What are patterns of urbanisation and risk and why they are relevant for Darwin – The Australian Gateway to Asia! 
  • What lessons does Cyclone Marcus taught to tackle the threat of future disasters?
  • What role does soft infrastructure play in lessening the effects of  disasters within the city? 

Associate Professor Akhilesh Surjan, Research & Theme Leader of Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management Studies, Charles Darwin University

Associate Professor Akhilesh Surjan
14:20 - 14:40

Project Sea Dragon – Diving into Aquaculture Infrastructure

  • An exploration into the infrastructure components of the large-scale project, which aims to provide efficient and reliable long-term production of Black Tiger Prawns.
  • The project intends to focus on sustainable land use and cohesive design applications in an effort to maintain surrounding coastal environments and support neighbouring agricultural land uses.
  • The NT Government has pledged $48.6 million for continued infrastructure works related to the project, specifically improving the access road to Point Ceylon, and enhancing Point Gunn Road.

Dr Chris Mitchell, Executive Director, Seafarms Group Ltd

Dr Chris Mitchell
14:40 - 14:50


14:50 - 15:20


Agenda is subject to change
*Speakers to be confirmed

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17-18 October 2018

Darwin Convention Centre
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